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Digital Pen that connects the Pen & Paper to the modern world of Technology. And all this with the ease of just a Pen and Paper.

'TiK Digital Technology' is a software development company that offers a comprehensive suite of applications to fit your business. 'TiK Digital Technology' works closely with clients to develop the best possible solution for their company. From our extensive experience in software development, 'TiK Digital Technology' has developed a wide range of applications for various businesses across numerous industries including government sectors.

TiK Digital Technology, with its revolutionary Digital Pen Solution from Anoto Digital Pens & Formidable Platform of Sweden, is changing the way many UAE fedral Ministries and Large Government Departments are changing the way they capture data (reporting, inspection, field work, note taking, business process imporvement etc).

Based on initial projects, a platform was born. With the platform the users could design, administrate, print and transfer pen data to the platform. On top of that a validation interface allowed for review of the sent in documents. Today this platform has emerged into an extensive framework where partners can design and implement their own paper products not only for digital pen but also iPad and Android tablets as input devices.

Some businesses use the services available without implementing any changes, whilst others develop products themselves using Penvision Formidable. business model provide a high level of flexibility, making it easy for partners to do business and create the applications required by their customers.

Each and every Smartphone users are in need of new and better ways to communicate and acquire the things. Diodes, understands this and our mobile applications developers are creating new and exciting cross platform apps for all Smartphone users. We have expertise in development of application software for iPhone and Android platforms.

We are leading app Development Company in Dubai, UAE. Our outstanding team has decades of experience in providing best optimized solutions in worlds leading platforms. We emphasize more on quality technology driven mobility solutions, that not only fulfills our clients major requirements but also helps us to build long lasting relationdhip with the customers. Our approach to providing customized solutions is based on a process that accentuates mutual engagement with our clients.

So if you have an idea and looking for expert minds then connect with 'Tik Digital Technology' and build user-friendly and leading-edge products for the world.

Tik is a software development firm located in Dubai, UAE offers full cycle custom software programming services. Tik employees a large pool of software engineers coming from different backgrounds. We are able to balance product development efforts and project duration according to your business needs.We work towards meeting today's demanding needs by providing customized end-to-end Internet & Intranet solutions.

We are dedicated to working together with uncompromising ethics and integrity. We encourage our people to create, to innovate, to be entrepreneurs and to strive for the best, always.

The intensive talents of our employees are one of our key strengths. They enable us to design products and services that capture the imagination of our consumers and take the industry in new directions.

As we are growing day by day, we’re not only improving our Company’s performance, but we’re leading the IT industry in a new direction.